How to Create Digital Products to Sell IN 6 Steps

I want to share how you can create digital products to sell in your online business in 8 simple steps whether you want to make selling digital products your full time bread-and-butter or you just want to make a little extra passive income on the side

creating and selling digital products is one of the best ways to grow your online business and here’s why because you can create passive income with digital products

passive income means that you can bring in the revenue with little to no time or effort on your part you can create that digital product once and then sell that thing on autopilot which also allows you to serve an unlimited amount of people without all of the extra time and that means you also can create unlimited revenue potential in your business like whoa so how can you create digital products to sell in your business

How to create a wildly profitable online business selling digital products

when we talk about the specific tools and strategies that you need if you’d like to create a full-time online business that runs off passive income from your digital products so that is something that you would like to learn more about then you can get my FREE course £237.97 real-world value! Taking just one hour to watch this  master class could potentially save you quite literally years of wasted time and frustration



back to how to create digital products to sell in 8 simple steps 

step number 1 come up with the perfect idea for your digital product a great digital product starts with a great idea so you need to make sure that you come up with a great product that your audience would love to buy because if people don’t actually want it well then you’re gonna have a real hard time trying to sell it 

 step number 2 pick out what type of digital product you want to create when it comes to creating digital products to sell the sky is the limit I mean you can literally create anything that can be uploaded and then download it on the internet things like courses workbooks templates audio files graphics I mean just use your imagination and go nuts 

so many possibilities wondering which to choose think about what your dream customer would prefer what you would actually enjoy doing the most and what you already have the resources for go for the low-hanging fruit step number three in creating digital products to sell is to determine what software and/or tools you’re going to need to create that digital product hmm for example 

if you’re gonna create an online course then you might need software like keynote or PowerPoint to create slides of video editing software like Camtasia to actually film and edit the video lessons and then you might need software like teachable to actually host and sell your course on teachables awesome by the way it’s totally what I use and know this video isn’t sponsored I just love teachable Capisce 

step number 3 is to determine the core promise of your digital product what is the main result or benefit that people will get when they purchase your thing because people don’t just want to buy stuff they need one of my stuff that is going to get them some type of specific positive benefit or a grizzled so when it comes to determining the core promise of your digital product remember to just keep it simple and keep it specific the more specific the better for example if you’re selling packs of stock photos then the core promise might be that these will make you stand out online and attract loads of your dream customers step number five to creating digital products to sell is to map out your product creation on your calendar you want to brainstorm each and every teeny-tiny specific action step that 

you need to do in order to create your digital product and then you need to actually schedule each and every step in your favorite calendar or planner system I personally love Trello but asana is also awesome and they are both free 

I’m talking about small and specific steps so that creating your digital product goes from overwhelming AF to totally doable for example if I am creating a course and I might write down steps such as write course outline by the video editing software create slides for module 1 create slides for module 2 well module 1 sell module 2 and so on you have anything to add to this topic are you born hey there you are just smile 

step number 4  creating digital products to sell is to create the product once you’ve brainstormed all of the teeny-tiny action steps that you need to take in order to create your digital product and you’ve actually schedule them all out on your calendar now you just need to actually show up and take those steps just remember to focus on one small step at a time and that seventy percent perfect is perfect say it with me seventy percent perfect is perfect !this is coming from a self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist 

step number 5 to creating digital products to sell is to launch your digital product oh yeah once you’re done creating your digital product it is time to launch that thing into the world but don’t just totally wing it take some time the month before you actually plan on launching your thing sit your butt down and the brainstorm and schedule what you’re gonna do to promote it and when like how many emails will you send your list how will you promote it on social media well you have any special time-sensitive incentives to motivate people to buy and of course your launch can be as big or small as you want it to be no pressure and finally 

 final step all your senses tingling with anticipation- creating digital products to sell is to market your digital product once you’ve launched your product out into the world you can’t just forget about it you need to consistently market that thing if you want to consistently sell that thing and lucky for you there are lots of ways to consistently market your digital product you can set up evergreen posts on social media so that they consistently recycle themselves you can create an automated sales funnel so that you can make passive income on autopilot which by the way we totally talk about in the online course 

you can get affiliates to promote your thing a the slow much more just remember you’ve gotta be consistent with your marketing if you want to make consistent sales oh there you have it how to create digital products to sell in 8 semi simple steps got any questions let me know in the comments below did you enjoy this video let me know in the comments below are you obsessed with kitties like me then let me know in the comments below a crazy cat people unite and remember don’t forget to check out my free masterclass if you want to learn how to grow an online business that runs off passive income from your a digital products and the link for that is in the description below this video just click on that link and you can give it a watch well okay then we’ve reached that awkward point in the post where it’s time for me to go but I never know how to end it so I’m just gonna scoot on out for now piece out !