I’m going to show you my secret method to instantly earn big cash from ANY affiliate networks. In this guide, we will be using Clickbank. To start making money with Clickbank, first, sign up with Clickbank as an affiliate. If you have already signed up as an affiliate marketer then you can skip this step: Signing Up On Clickbank: Visit http://www.clickbank.com/

Click ‘Sign Up’ to create a new Clickbank account.

Fill the form and complete the sign up. When signing up on Clickbank, choose a unique nickname for your Clickbank account. Here are some nickname examples: bestbuy, ecoach, nicebuy, sellswell, unique, the best, fixitnow, etc. Choose something different from the normal user names. It helps add your sales. After creating your Clickbank account, next will be choosing a niche to target: Picking up a kind of niche and Clickbank products that sells well online is really hard, but no worries as I have already listed great and hot selling niche that you can pick and start working on today. I have attached the niches below this guide to you as a Bonus. So you can check it later on. Moving on is choosing a Clickbank affiliate product that converts really well:

For the sake of this tutorial I will be using ‘weight loss diet’ as our niche topic example. You can use pretty much anything else, this is merely an example.

Choosing A Clickbank Product That Sells:

  • Go for a Clickbank product with 15 to 30 gravity.
  • With nice and attractive sales letter, with no opt-in form, no many pages.
  • Sales page with good graphic designs, testimonies, and a money back guarantee notice.
  • With a 50% + commission.

The Secret Traffic Source

Understand that this traffic source is great not just for affiliate commissions, but also for making some good cash for your other sites. I know what you’re going through. I just wanted to say that I used to be in your position. I would do as much as I can to get more and more sales on CB. I struggled because even though I would get ranked, it would either be for non-buyer keywords, or they would fall off the face of Google overnight. In this guide, you are getting my simple formula for getting more Clickbank sales with no problem. So without further ado, let’s begin.

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